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Craig MacFarlane is a good friend of mine.  We spent some time together and I admire his strength, his courage and his enthusiasm.  Nobody knows better than Craig what Pride in America is all about. For Craig it means having the desire, the energy and the perseverance to accomplish worthwhile goals which inspire and encourage all Americans.  Craig is a credit to himself as well as to America.  As you listen to Craig you will understand much better what the word PRIDE means.

George H.W. Bush

41st President of the United States

I marvel at a young man who has accomplished so much under such adverse conditions, but to see the fortitude and strength that this young man has exemplified, I think it should be a lesson not only to all of Canada or all the people here tonight, but to anyone who can touch the life of such a fine young man. He's an inspiration and a credit to a sport that probably doesn't receive the recognition, that say hockey or football or baseball does, but yet he continues to persevere because it's a self-lit flame that drives him. To me he's a true champion.

Joe Theismann

Super Bowl winning NFL Quarterback

Craig MacFarlane's life's story is an extraordinary example of integrity, discipline, passion and an unrelenting commitment to excellence can achieve. Craig's message is a powerful one that inspires me and, no doubt, everyone who has the privilege to hear him.  We are honored to be able to provide Craig a home as he spreads his inspirational message around the world.

Arne Sorenson

President and Chief Executive Officer of Marriott International

Bobby Orr.JPG

I believe that if professional hockey players or professional baseball players, football players, whatever, if they ever went out and approached their games and played their games with the heart that this guy goes at his sports and everything he does, the way he goes at it, I don't think there would ever be any empty seats in any building in any league. He's a very, very strong, super guy.

Bobby Orr

Hall of Fame NHL Defenceman

I stand here with my friend Craig MacFarlane, who through hard work, dedication, and a lot of spirit has proven that being blind has nothing to do with your accomplishments.

Wayne Gretzky

All time NHL Scoring Leader 

Craig MacFarlane is a rare and impressive man. His accomplishments themselves are noteworthy but it is the spirit and attitude with which he lives his life that most command your attention and respect.

Bob Costas

NBC Sports

Most people see the world through their eyes. Craig sees the world through his heart. Craig's unique ability is to remove the blindness we face when we view the world exclusively through what we can see. Instead, he replaces it with greater inner sight of perseverance, respect, individuality, desire and enthusiasm. At times, I have found myself envious of Craig's inner vision.

Salvatore Capizzi

Executive Vice President/CSMO

Dunham & Associates.

​​Craig's story is one of persistence, personal strength and triumph.  His athletic achievements demonstrate how much can be accomplished by anyone who aspires to be the bestat what he or she does.   Craig's story is an inspiration for athletes as well as non-athletes young and old.  He is a truly remarkable individual!  

Jim Weddle

Managing Partner, Edward Jones

I've covered the sports beat for nearly 40 years of my life. Worked with the great ones at close hand - Jackie Roosevelt Robinson, Muhammad Ali, John Unitas, Johnny McEnroe, you name them. But I must tell you the most remarkable athlete I have EVER seen, ever known, is Craig MacFarlane.

Howard Cosell (1986)

Legendary Sports Broadcaster

“Just watching Craig’s desire to excel and do anything everyone else does – and better – is totally uplifting to me.”

Mario Andretti

Andretti Autosport

"A lot of things that people do in their lives can make a difference for others. Craig's story is an example of this."

Tim Allen


"Blind in sight, visionary in life, Craig is a passionate and engaging speaker who uses his personal triumphs – overcoming extraordinary challenges – to motivate and inspire audiences around the world"

Jim Jessee


MFS Fund Distributors, Inc

"Craig captures his audience with an uplifting message of courage and determination through his positive attitude and zest for life."

David Glass

Former President and CEO 

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Owner, Kansas City Royals

"Craig's story is one that we can all learn from.  His approach to life has been to focus on what he can do, not what he can't do, and to turn adversity into opportunity. In doing so, he has achieved extraordinary things.  A simple but powerful formula for success."

Kevin P. Dougherty

President, Sun Life Financial Canada

Since 1982, when Craig came to live with my wife and I, I have seen him take his extraordinary talents and parlay them into an awesome career. Today, Craig has become a tower of inspiration in the lives of so many people, including myself.

Gordie Howe

"Mr. Hockey"

Craig MacFarlane is the perfect combination of an extraordinary person who experienced adversity, celebrated abundance, and showed gratitude throughout the journey. His speeches are inspiring, his writings are thought-provoking, and his audiences are always appreciative.

Dr Nido R Qubein

President, High Point University
Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co

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