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An experience not to be missed

It is said that a Craig MacFarlane speech is a journey that moves effortlessly from standing ovation to standing ovation, only interrupted by laughter, emotion, enlightenment and a bunch of 2 X 4’s that will hit you right between the eyes.

Delivered with a disarmingly charismatic modesty, Craig will bring you to tears while making you laugh out loud as you are held in a sense of anticipation, hanging on every word as he shares with you a lifetime of wisdom that he has observed, and experienced, in the most unique and practical way. You’ll find yourself wanting more, and more, but you’ll also realize that you’ve just been shown he most pragmatic application of all the motivational messages you’ve ever heard. You’ll understand that you have no alternative but to succeed, and how you control what that success represents.

Bottom line is simply that a Craig MacFarlane event is unlike any other, and while you will no doubt be offered an entire seat for the experience, the truth is that you will only need the edge.

Salvatore Capizzi,

Executive Vice President/

CSMO, Dunham & Associates

Unequivocally, Craig is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. I have hired him dozens of times and without exception, his speech ends with a heartfelt and enthusiastic standing ovation. This is due to Craig’s ability to remove the blindness that we may have as we attempt to understand certain issues of our life. With humor and humility, Craig provides a remarkable inner vision that makes him memorable and so much more than a motivational speaker.

Tom Erb,
National Conference Speaker Chair, National Association of Personnel Services

Craig is astounding! Craig was the opening keynote at our national conference and everyone loved him. He was funny, engaging, and provided an uplifting message that was the perfect kickoff to our show. He was also fantastic to work with. I can’t recommend Craig highly enough – he’s just the speaker every conference needs to set the tone for a great event!

Jim Jessee,

President MFS Fund Distributors, Inc.

Blind in sight, visionary in life, Craig is a passionate and engaging speaker who uses his personal triumphs – overcoming extraordinary challenges – to motivate and inspire audiences around the world.

Ready to hear CRAIG MACFARLANE speak at your next event?

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