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95% of ability is …

If you have ever wondered what the most significant factor in achieving any significant goal is, you haven’t been paying attention.

You learned the lesson for yourself, most likely before you were one year old. It was hard wired into you. In fact, you probably had to fight to achieve your first significant goal while those around you tried to protect you from your own determination.

Do you remember? No, then consider this.

Have you ever observed a baby learning to walk? Maybe it was your own child, or maybe a niece or nephew. It doesn’t matter, it almost always happens the same way. You first notice that your child has started trying to stand, usually holding themselves up beside a piece of furniture. Before long they start cruising, teetering step by along the side of the sofa or the coffee table. Eventually, they let go of the furniture, put one wobbly foot in front of the other, and… fall down. What did you do?

Obviously, you picked them up and took them to their room, telling them “that’s it for you kid, you failed,” and dropped them in their crib.

No? Of course not, but what did you really do?

You picked them up, dusted them off, gave them a hug, and let them try it again. Right? How often did you repeat the exercise? How often did they keep trying? Until they walked!

Getting the message? Then why have you abandoned the lesson?

David J. Schwartz taught us in “The Magic of Thinking Big” that 95% of Ability is Stickability! Simply put, stickability is the power of perseverance. Every ambitious entrepreneur understands that first comes a dream, then a struggle, and finally we gain achievement. The primary situation that separates the champions from others is that the champions are willing to do today what others won’t do so they may have what others won’t have.

The key to successful business people and entrepreneurs is the ability to do, instead of just dream, and to keep doing until the dream is reality! If you believe in your dream, if your decision to pursue your dream was a quality choice that has tangible meaning to you, you can make it real. Stick to your plan and “do the work.”

Remember the words of Winston Churchill; NEVER GIVE UP!

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