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The Author

We live in a world of audio presentations, sound bite news reports and headline communications but sometimes, for a real understanding, you need to go deeper.

Craig’s writing makes this deep dive an effortless pleasure by marrying his engaging style as a master storyteller with his preference to teach by example in an easy reading excursion through all the answers you crave to understand about even the most detailed and complex principles on your own personal level.

Craig’s writing speaks to the individual and carries the reader up the mountain and merges them onto the extra mile without the need to even break a sweat. Breaking a sweat will come later. You’ll feel educated, enlightened, empowered, and confident, while being thoroughly entertained.

Whether it’s his autobiography titled, Craig MacFarlane Hasn’t Heard Of You Either or his latest book geared for business professionals, Find Your Flame Through Purpose, Passion, and Sacrifice, either will leave you more eager to saddle up and ride into battle on a daily basis.


When a sound bite is not enough

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