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Don’t Be Controlled by Fear

For all of us who have ever been entombed by fear, for any reason. For all of us who have missed out on opportunity because we were paralyzed by fear. For all of us who have watched life pass us by because we felt too much fear to participate in every way we wished we had. For all of us who have regrets because we surrendered to our fears, I have good news.

You have the capacity to resurrect yourself and resurrect your dreams. You have an asset, a weapon, a resource that far too many of us never unleashed because we listened to that inner demon called fear. That weapon is called courage, and it is infinitely more powerful than fear, if you will just make the effort to harness it!

Your courage is, without a doubt, stronger than your fear but without use, it can go dormant. You need to be aware of your fears, real or imagined, (more about that later.) You can acknowledge your fears, or at least the feelings, and then you need to confront them, little by little, until your courage is fully awake and engaged. That is where it starts. You have the courage to accomplish anything you really, truly, want to do, but you have to build it, develop it, experience it. It is a process, like exercising a muscle. The more you decide to be, and act, courageous, the stronger your courage will become. There is no limit to the development of this muscle and fear will wither and retreat in its presence.

So, I ask you, what would your life feel like, as you look toward the future, if you earnestly decided “I’m not going to allow my fears to stop me?” What would your future feel like if you knew what you really wanted, with an undeniable desire? What would your life become if you have your dream for your life clearly in focus and your desire powers your courage to propel you past all your fears?

The truth is, if you will risk that first slightly tepid, timidly bold step to call on your courage, if you will just face one fear that is holding you down and test your courage enough to get started, you will find that you have the courage to achieve all you want. You just have to get started!

Will it be easy? No! It will not be easy. Can you do it? Yes, without a doubt. So how do you get started?

I’ll give you credit right now that you have read my “WHY” blog and that you have some reasons for where you want to take your life. If you’ve done that, and you’ve made some quality decisions about why you’re here and what you want from your life, then you’re ready to get started.

Now, understand this, it’s OK to have fears. We all do. What is not OK is to let your fears have you! It is not OK to let your fears run your life!

What are the fears that are holding you back? Have you acknowledged them? Have you defined them? You’ll need to do that, not because your fears are real, but because you can’t defeat them all at once. You need to take inventory of your fears because you’re going to prioritize your fights, at least for now.

If you could get up the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.

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