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Don't Just Stand There

There is no worse place to live than the world of "should" or more specifically "should've." It is heart breaking to me to hear the sheer number of people who come to me and start their story with the words "I should've," "I could've," "I would've" but THEY DIDN'T!

Well guess what...NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want you all to understand that you have brilliant Inner Vision, but it can't act for you. It can give you clues. It can stir your Spider Sense. It can wake up your sensors. It can show you your options, but you have to take action for any benefit to occur. The great tragedy that I see is that so many people had their resolution in their sights and didn't do anything to bring it into reality.

I implore you to learn to listen to your Inner Vision. Become attuned to the subtleness, listen to the questions it asks and surrender to its direction. You must act in your conscious mind, with all the awareness and acuity you possess, but when your Inner Vision (or as the more educated may say, your subconscious mind) is speaking to you, you must follow it, almost like leading from behind.

The secret though, the ultimate defining difference between those who succeed and those who linger, is ACTION. Get in gear and follow your Inner Vision and the results you want will follow.

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