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Happiness is A Choice

The successes of my life have all been the result of the choices I have made. I'm not referring to choices like getting into wrestling...

A Matter of Timing

One absolutely rock-solid consistency I have come to recognize is that the fundamentals of success apply across the entire spectrum of...

Are You Climbing the Wrong Wall?

A little competition is never a bad thing. It forces you to get focused, bring your best game and strive to succeed in that moment. The...

Are you Productive or Just Busy?

The most valuable asset you have is your time. Consequently, it is essential that you use it in the most productive, efficient,...


A personal testimony to insightful leadership When you travel as much as I have in my career as a Totally Blind Keynote Inspirational...


One of my favorite parts of being an Inspirational Keynote speaker is the Q & A at the end of my speech. The unscripted, unrehearsed give...





When you're totally blind you tend see the world from a different perspective.


This is a platform I have long desired, a place where I will share my perspective on the world. 


This is where I will share my experiences, good and bad, and the lessons I learned. 


This is a place where I will expand on the principles that have allowed me to overcome my challenges. 


This is where I will talk about belief and conviction, about paying the price and collecting the prize. 


This is a place where I will share the insight I have been so fortunate to gain from my encounters with many great leaders and successful people. 


This is where I will share the lessons I learned from those not so fortunate who have still built happy lives despite overwhelming odds.  


This is where I will introduce you to difference makers, both big and small, and help us all learn what makes them special.


This is a place where I will talk about you and your uniqueness.


This is where I will challenge you to take action to realize your dreams, however large or small.


This is a place where I intend to provoke your thoughts and hope that you provoke mine.  


This is where I hope to inspire both your growth and mine, personally, professionally, physically and spiritually.


Welcome to my world, or at least "The Way I See It.".



Vision is a unique word.  It is used constantly in numerous literal and figurative connotations.  Think about it.  You hear references to a person’s visual system in terms like “she has 20/20 vision.”  You might find yourself in a conversation about visual perception as you discuss how you interpret what you see with your 20/20 vision.  You will certainly hear the word vision in religious circles.  Then of course, there are people who just “have visions”, otherwise called hallucinations.  Vision is often used interchangeably with the word goal to describe what a person plans to achieve and every business must have a “Vision Statement” outlining the company’s long term plan and the leaders who direct the corporations to achieve those goals are called “visionary.”


Vision, what a wonderful, multi-dimensional word.  Unfortunately, all of these applications of this wonderful word fail to capture its most powerful and relevant application, at least in terms of your future success and happiness.


The way I see it, your INNER VISION is the single most valuable form of vision.  When respected and understood it is the great equalizer.  When that understanding is applied it is the great advantage.  When mastered it is the key component of greatness.


Let me ask you, as we start this journey, how well do you know yourself?  How good is your Inner Vision?

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